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New buy on breedingloft

In autumn this year we did buy a young bird –probably a cock- from the b...


We won the 1th price of the GOLDEN PIGEON competition of the period Augu...

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New buy on breedingloft
Geplaatst: 31-12-2011

In autumn this year we did buy a young bird –probably a cock- from the best racing and breeding cock of the Netherlands, triple six. The young bird is bred from 666 x sister Dario (033).

This cock raced:

  • 2e NPO Ruffec 3.549 pigeons (behind son Dario);
  • 4e NPO Tours 5.756 pigeons;
  • 7e NPO La Souteraine 2.949 pigeons;
  • 15e NPO La Souteraine 4.108 piegons;
  • 23e NPO Tours 6.737 piegons;
  • 25e NPO La Souteraine 3.516 pigeons;
  • 25e NPO Montlucon 4.831 piegons etc.  

Father of Dario 506:

  • 1e NPO Ruffec 3.549 pigeons (2004);
  • 1e NPO Ruffec 2.625 pigeons (2005).

Sister Dario (033) is mother of Henky98:

  • 3e NPO Bourges 12.511 pigeons (behind two loft mates);
  • 3e NPO Argenton 8.338 pigeons;
  • 4e NPO La Souteraine 5.603 pigeons;
  • 6e NPO Blois 3.788 pigeons;
  • 1e Asduif Brabant 2000 Dagfond 2010.  

Sister 666 is mother of Leen:

  • 1e NPO Bourges 12.511 pigeons.
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