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Line of descent

The foundation of our collection is layed by several pigeons of the famous Leo Heremans from Vorselaar, Belgium. Last year we acquired sixteen of the best breeds from him.
Besides this, we have (in-bred from “Kannibaal”) pigeons from L. and D. van Dijck. We also have a “Van Loon” female pigeon (granddaughter Chicago x Denver) that we received through the Eijerkamp family.
When we breed the pigeons, we always follow the theory of the sex-bound aspects.

Currently we own a 100% Houben cock-pigeon, which won a 10th NPO Morlincourt as a youngster, section 5 Zuid-Holland against 14.794 other pigeons. This male was donated to a good friend under the condition of being returned to the previous owner when the male retires from official races.
The male did retire in the summer of 2007, so in 2008 we worked together with Leo Heremans to have our male breed with his hen Flitske.
One youngster became a winner: pigeon champion of “PV de Adelaar” and 2nd pigeon champion “Rijnmond 2000” and SGO (+/- 450 members).
In 2009 we had the cock-pigeon Houber mate with Las Vegas (daughter Olympiade and straight descendant of Heremans-Ceusters).
This was a very successful match: in six out of twelve flights one of these young pigeons won. Biggest achievement was de 3rd NPO Creil, section Zuid-Holland against 18.725 pigeons. We are very happy with this high-ranking couple!
During season 2011 a yearling from this couple won the title 3e reserve pigeon Olympiade Poznan. Her name is Olympic Las Vegas!